I was born in Bolzano, a little town in northern Italy. After starting as a self-taught musician, focusing mainly on electronic and electroacustic music, I graduated in musicology at the University of Bologna and attended composition classes at the conservatory G. B. Martini in Bologna, where I am currently based.

My personal music research dwells on sound perceived as an “organic matter” and lays emphasis on its material dimension, stressing the expressive potentiality of its core features: weight, roughness, size, volume, color, vibration and context. My chief aim is to set the expressive strength of sounds free, investigating the origin of their properties.

My works range from personal research projects to collaborations with artists operating in the field of video art (Jaques Perconte), dance (Chiara Tanesini and the soloists of the ballet of Milan), photography (Stefano de Luigi / VII photography, Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum, Paolo Marchetti, Simona Ghizzoni / Contrasto, Giovanni Cocco / VII Mentor) and theater (Mamadou Dioume, Peter Brook’s collaborator).

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