Acousmatic Album, 2013

label: Brusio Netlabel
cover artwork: Jacques Perconte
length: ~33'


D'impressions has born as soundtrack of Impressions, experimental film of the French artist Jacques Perconte. But what happens when you take away the image from the soundtrack?
The sound material can free new expressive power and reorganize, in order to find other answers to  questions originally asked by the film. It can find a meaning beyond the the image of which it remains the colour, the vibration, the evocative power.

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01 Mystérieuse question
02 Trafic
03 Abstrait
04 Villes rouges
05 Du vert au bleu
06 Oiseaux
07 Fumée
08 Fin

Released by Brusio Netlabel under Creative Commons License.

Brusio Netlabel

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