il mondo dei mondi
Audio-video live performance, 2011
for actress, live electronics and video

project and music: Simonluca Laitempergher
video: Sergio Martino, Luigi Scattini,Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara, Franco prosperi, Giuseppe Maria Scotese, Luigi Vanzi, Robert Lee Frost
comm: Scirocco festival
duration: ~60'

il mondo dei mondi

Il mondo dei mondi is part of a series of audio-visual performances – among them also La sesta del mondo – inspired by past movies and aimed at exciting a consideration on the present through editing, musical re-writing and sound design reprocessing.

The project consists in a sequence of different episodes from the so called Mondo movies, sensational documentaries mainly produced in Italy during the Sixties and Seventies. The off-screen voice comments on costumes and traditions of different populations (Italian, American, Swedish etc.) using a rhetorical and insinuating tone, fueling already deep-rooted biases, such as the flirtatiousness of Swedish women, the existential loneliness of American men, the backwardness of southern Italy, the need for Western-like development among African populations and so on.

quot_open  But what kind of warmth can you get in touching with your mouth and hands a rubber doll? Here you really need a shrink! And yet, in this overcrowded desert of loneliness called America someone came up with the idea of Jacqueline: the inflatable doll that keeps you company. To give you the same desperate and friendly smile each day. We are in New York, one of the most crowded cities in the world. To get some company, this man blows into rubber with the same faith which God blew on the mud and thus Adam was born.  quot_close

(Naked and Violent, Sergio Martino, original english text)

Even if spectators have become wiser and wiser, manipulations are always around the corner. The Mondo movies appear to be the explicit and politically incorrect version of mass media information. They are in different disguise, but how are they really different?

Musical dramaturgy, editing and mise-en-scéne work together to arouse a reflection in the spectator using a pretty simple method. These documentaries are deprived of a functional and aesthetic element, i. e. the original crackling sound, in order to release and update their implicit contents. The off-screen voice presents the original contents, revealing the most grotesque implications.

quot_open  What do we mean by ideology? The answer is paradoxical: ideology is what we don’t know to know. Simonluca Laitempergher takes this definition seriously and pours it into the Mondo movies, keeping words and images intact and revolutionizing their meaning. The performance is a sort of genealogy of the ideological prejudice; the aggressive tone used to address the audience in the past is now deprived of its old biases and offered to the current spectators without any mediation. “How much is this opinion worth?”, “Where does it come from?”, “In what way does it relate to the footage?” Spectators are affected by these and many other similar questions. And behind all these questions lies the matter of truth itself. Borrowing some words from an aphorism which was popular back in those years: "In a really upside-down world, even what’s true is part of what’s false".  quot_close

(Andrea Maistrello)

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