la sesta del mondo
Audio/video live performance, 2009
for Bb Clarinet, live electronics and video

project and music: Simonluca Laitempergher
video: R. Ciric, A. Gerasimov, I. Maksimov, B. Dovnikovic-Bordo, B. Godfrey, Z. Grgic, F. Khithruk, N. Dragic
comm: Scirocco Festival
duration: ~60'

La sesta del mondo (literally Sixth of the world) is part of a series of audio-visual performances - among them also Il mondo dei mondi – inspired by archive film footage and aimed at exciting a consideration on the present through editing, musical re-writing and sound design reprocessing.

La sesta del mondo is based on Soviet and Yugoslav animated short films produced mainly in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, with the exception of The libido of Benjamin, a short film that was realised at the beginning of the Nineties.

Nowadays the media and show business seems to be solely driven by an obsessive race for the utmost reality, deceiving the audience into artificial emotions and pre-established judgements and making them believe to witness something real. La sesta del mondo, on the other hand, is based on opposite conditions. The spectator of La sesta del mondo is immediately aware that s/he is watching a mise-en-scéne: the characters are only perfunctorily outlined, they act in surreal settings and are involved in fantastic affairs.

What is the best way to reverse the passiveness caused by this barrage of minute details? There is no way but the abstractness of metaphors, instruments of truth against instruments of artificiality. Music, sound and mise-en-scéne are the answers.

The stage pretence is stressed by the progress of sound and silence, both interacting with the imagine and trying to question, interpret or controvert it. The musicians on stage represent a connection between fiction and the audience.