Multimedia (Inmotion), 2010

photography: Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum
cinematography: Annalisa D'Angelo
editing: Ippolito Simion (Rat Creatives)
music: Simonluca Laitempergher (except "Close to Silence" by Thomas Otten)
voice off : Margot Sikabonyi
duration: ~11:30

quot_open  Why beauty at this moment in history? How can beauty possibily be relevant to the profound historical crisis we are facing?

How can the subject of beauty - fashion, form, image, color, coherence - possibly measure up to the quantitative crisis we now collectively confront?

How can beauty - the unquantifiable - the special extra mysterious magical immeasurable - find a voice in our conversation when what we face is conflict and crisis of historical proportions, and what we need so urgently are scalable solutions, when the change required is of such magnitude that we must call on all of our shared knowledge and innovation to race for the ways to win?

In this context, in this time of massive change and environmental devastation and the coming tidal wave of human presence, how can beauty even be considered?  quot_close

(Bruce Mau, "Special Extra Mysterious Magical Immeasurable", Storm Catalogue, 2010)