prima ipotesi sul reale


Premiere 2019: Intonal Festival, Inter Arts Center, Malmo, 2019. Played on Acousmonium by Francesco Del Nero (Hertzbreakerz)

Other perfomances.

2022: Fixed Room, Tempo Reale, Florence (Italy). 28/29-12-2022

2022: CIME/ICEM, Krakow (Poland). 15-10-2022

2021: Electroacustic Days, Helmca. Ioannina (Greece). 19-12-2021

2021: GBM50, G. B. Martini conservatory. Bologna (Italy). 28-10-2021

Our experience of the world is limited, restricted and without any doubt, subjective. The act of perception is none other than an interpretation, one of the possible transductions of some physical phenomena: within certain limits, for the human body the vibration of the air turns into a sound and the radiation of the light becomes an image.

The edge of a wood next to a cultivated field, or the curve of a mountain stream are easily recognizable images to us. But intertwined with the bird songs and behind the splashing of the water a multiplicity of ghost-events are hidden; some of them - like the magnetic fields - are created by the technologies we are surrounded by and of which our bodies have no means of interpretation.

We are surrounded by a flood of phenomena with which we are constantly in contact. They touch us, they hit on us, they pass through us but we can’t really feel them. From this perspective the experience that we have of the world becomes less objective and more a construct, a creative act of the imagination. The idea of objectivity expressed by the concept of reality fades away.

“Prima ipotesi sul reale” (first hypothesis on reality) is the imagination of the encounter of these two worlds, their intersections, their juxtapositions.

Performing Prima ipotesi sul reale @GBM50 festival in Bologna (IT) on an octaphonic system. November 2021. Photo courtesy by Cecilia Rocca