Site specific audio Installation, 2009

Location: Cripta S. Restituta and Cripta del S. Sepolcro, Cagliari (Italy)

Diffusion: Headphones

Releasing is a reflection on memory: how it works, how we lose it, how it influences our present. Releasing encourages a reflection about the relationship between space, memory and emotions by working on the modulation of sound nucleuses, acoustic spaces and silence.

The title derives from the Musical Ear Syndrome, a neurological condition observed in people who suffer from partial or total hearing loss and subsequently develop auditory hallucinations. In order to fight the silence caused by hearing loss, the "hole" in the hearing range is "plugged" by the brain, which produces pieces of music as if they were real, instead of mere memories. What hearing-impaired people "hear" is music not just environmental sound, noises or voice. What the brain tries to fill is not the silence itself while the lack of organized sound, making it possible to infer we are not able to live without music.