As one chapter of a multidisciplinary artistic project, conceived as a sound installation for individual use, The silent world was created in collaboration with Rachele Maistrello.

The piece, remodulated for the purposes of a collective concert experience, follows the extreme practice of free diving, with the various phases of the dive - as codified by the personal notes of sportsmen and athletic trainers - mapped and used as a formal structure: heart rate variations and arrhythmias, blood pressure changes and progressive lung emptying, the contact with the target, the moments of lethargy, the controlled emergence.

By superimposing mimetic enunciation with sound abstractionism, the piece traces imaginative parallels departing from the physical journey, suggesting an emotional, almost psychological-existential path.

The silent world proceeds geometrically through the two phases of immersion and emergence. The deepest point is an anti- climax; a moment of stillness and contemplation, an almost- silence to be abandoned quickly on returning to the surface to breathe.

Duration: 10'00''

Format: 7th order Ambisonic.